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shirts and pants

Gotta have em. Can’t be running around all nimbly bimbly with your birthday suit on. That is unless you’re looking for an express trip to the local detention center. Please, think of the children.

Now let’s be clear. You don’t have to spend the big bucks to accomplish the task of protecting the public from your farmer’s tan. Start with the basic, good old T-Shirt. Better yet, have three of them for only $11.99

LA Police Gear’s Crew Neck Undershirts are made from a 4.5 oz Ring Spun 100% Cotton Fabric with a soft finish for all-day tactical comfort. Again, they come in packs of three. Currently the only color available is white but I have my fingers crossed for black (could happen).

In addition, these LAPG Undershirts are cut extra long which helps keep them tucked in all day long with no hassle. My current crop of non-dedicated undershirts is certainly lacking in this department as they’re riding up at the first sign of physical exertion.

Long story short, these undershirts are just as good as the competition (if not better), but for less than half of the price. Last but not least, there’s no tag to annoy the you know what out of you.

For your bottom half, we’ll class it up just a bit from T-Shirt level. A pair of Operator Tactical Pants is never a bad choice but like I said, if you’ve got to class it up a bit we’ve got you covered.

The LA Police Gear Casual Covert Pants are the best choice for a casual/dress pant. Why? Because we know what you do when you are dressed casually. You eat. That’s why we put in a self-tunneling waistband, so you can eat to your heart’s desire and not have to unbutton your pants.

I didn’t write that but I guess it may be true for some. The avenue I was going for is a nice pair of pants to wear to the office. A few weeks back I was in business casual mode and can fully understand the benefit of a clean looking yet comfortable pair of slacks.

These pants have a classic dress pant fit and are made from 35% cotton twill and 65% polyester. The LAPG Casual Covert Pants are also fade & shrink resistant. The bullet point details also mention that this pant is post-cured with a permanent crease. The less ironing I have to do, the better.

User reviews of these pants seem to be quite favorable, just ask Tom S. from Las Vegas – I really like these pants. I wear them around my office and the chicks say they look good on me. For $19.99 this is a total win!”

That’s what I’m talking about.