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SOG to the rescue

SOG to the rescue might be a bit overly dramatic. Call it a play on words. I had been waiting for a new SOG product or an some excuse to bring up the brand because everyone’s favorite YouTuber Nutnfancy sat down with the founder of SOG and posted it on his channel.

Some of the history is cool, especially learning about the knives that inspired the brand and got it started. It’s a lot of video to sit though so I’ll let you seek it out if you’re interested. We’ll still talk SOG today but for other reasons.

SOG Flash Rescue Black TiNiIt will be up to you to come to the rescue and your choice on whether or not the SOG Flash Rescue folding knife comes along for the ride. A couple variations of this SOG folder have been hanging out in our Closeout Section for a while now and I figured it was time to give them a mention.

Shown here is the black on black version care of the Black TiNi blade finish which aids in corrosion resistance in addition to simply looking cool. Then again, with AUS8 blade steel, corrosion really isn’t too much of a worry. A satin blade version is also available and if you follow that link you can read some buyer reviews.

These SOG Rescue knives are actually part of the Flash II family. The Flash™ line of folding knives debuted SOG’s patented S.A.T.™ (SOG Assisted Technology). This mechanism helps propel the blade open once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action. They’re as fast as lightning, safe, and provide an extremely strong blade lock.

The Flash Rescue comes standard with glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle and 1/2 serrated sheep’s foot blade. All Flash knives come standard with SOG’s patent pending, reversible pocket clip that ensures the lowest, most discreet carry possible.

This clip design is always worth mentioning and is a fan favorite. I loved it on my Flash II and it still has me wondering how it vacated my pocket and disappeared forever. The fact that’s it’s so lightweight (3.1 ounces) makes it a pleasure to carry and is probably part of the reason I didn’t notice it was gone.

Again, both versions of the knife are in our Closeout Section and as such they have some crazy, hard-to-beat prices attached that you won’t want to miss out on. And now a nice video review that covers just about everything you’d want to know about this knife: