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If you’re like me you believe you get out of something what you put into it. In general this might mean effort during a particular task or the care you put into taking care of something. This results in my putting maximum effort into even the most menial of tasks and changing the oil in my car a little too often.

One tool many of us carry requires sufficient nutrition in the form of new batteries is a flashlight. A tough flashlight like a SureFire can take the drops and bumps of hard-duty use but load it with batteries that aren’t up to par and none of that excellent engineering matters.

SureFire CR123A - 12 PackYou can try your luck Ebay or search far and wide for CR123A batteries for 99 cents but is that really the best way to care for the tool you invested a good chunk of change in? It’s like buying a high performance sports car and slapping a set of Linglong tires on it.

While they can’t be had for $1 a piece, SureFire brand CR123A batteris also can’t be had for $2 a piece. Order up a 12 Pack and you’ll be paying less than $2 per battery and will have the piece of mind to know you’re not gambling.

If you have more than one light and have them stashed in more than one location then you should have a set of replacements for each light/location. This will have your 12 pack on the move in no time so it’s really not a bunch when it comes down to it.

The nice lady from SureFire¬†will give you the “Why by ours?” rundown but I’ll skip to the end where she tells you they’re MADE IN THE USA. Yet another good reason to spend just a bit more on the best.

We might also be having a sale. What a surprise!