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It’s about time for a little more Multicam MOLLE-gear lovin. I believe this will be only the second feature of one of our newer brands. The additional images I’m going to use aren’t of the Multicam version but you’ll get the idea.

S.O. Tech ESPSo, what do we have hear? If I had to guess I would say it’s some sort of admin pouch or maybe even a small pouch for medical gear. Clearly I know what it is because I’m here to introduce it to you.

If I told you that what you’re looking at is a capable, full-size backpack you would probably look at me funny. I can’t say I blame you.

S.O. Tech Expanding SERE PackHopefully I didn’t lose you there. And yes, you’re looking at the exact same product, but now, in all its glory. Originally introduced to S.O.Tech’s Product line in 2001, the ESP has seen several revisions. Back again for an encore, the ESP is available again.

The expanding SERE pack was designed by a SERE instructor to provide a pouch for survival kit and medical kit that can expand during evasion to use form a pack for carrying foraged items (edible plants, road kill, firewood, etc). 

With the demand for Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) during counter-terrorism operation, this pouch gained an additional mission. 

Talk about serious business. If you’re out there on those type of missions then I really don’t need to expand on why this pack is a novel creation. For the rest of us, it’s still pretty crafty and would serve well in conjunction with a bail out bag/get home bag.

In its folded/pouch state, the pocket is great for SSE kit items like rubber gloves and marking tags while the pack provides a comfortable way to transport evidence back to base camp. 

Troops on R&R found the third use as a travel pouch which can slide over a belt to hold a camera, phone and passport but expand to transport souvenirs and food bought in the local market.

The fact that the ESP can be belt mounted makes it useful for a wider range of users and just like soldiers enjoying some down time, it can ride along with you on your travels whether by land or air providing you with an out of the way backup should your carrying needs expand along the way.

Whatever the mission, this lightweight and compact pouch is built tough to get the job done. This pouch can be attached to your belt or pack via MOLLE. Zippered pouch allows for use when folded. Expands into a full backpack in the field when needed.

Keep in mind however that in order to be as compact as it is, you’re not talking a super heavy-duty, 1000D pack here. It was designed with light duty in mind as a quick use/heat of the moment-type survival/stuff sack.

I’m going to post a YouTube overview/review from CaptainBerz but first I’ll leave you with one of the viewer comments posted in response to the video. A little food for thought:

“This could be good to keep on your person like NutnFancy’s dorky fanny pack. If some big bad event happens you could pull supplies out of your car kits for a bug out bag. That way you can use sturdier containers in your car.”