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Tactical Pants: Extreme Mobility Part II

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[Continued: Check out Part I for more info]

From Part I:

In order to really put these pants through testing, I took them to a local rock climbing gym, where I knew I would be able to test out extreme lower body positioning and movement wearing these pants. If these pants can survive being on the wall of a climbing gym, it will most likely do just fine everywhere else in terms of mobility.


Third Pair: TacLite Pro Pants from 5.11 Tactical ($49.99)



If you want to buy from a brand that many of our own customers trust, 5.11 Tactical will not disappoint you. One of the most popular pair of pants, the TacLite Pro Pants, sits at 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 300 reviews from our customers. These pants look sharp, have tons of features, and are built to last. With a high waist and a more form-fitting cut than the others in this mini-series, they look good both with a t-shirt or with a tucked-in polo shirt, making them versatile. In fact, if I were testing these out anywhere but inside a climbing gym, this pair would be my favorite.

There is plenty of room in the waist for various movement, but there is not enough room in the legs for some of the more extreme positioning, during which I felt that the pants might come apart at the crotch area. However, the pants (despite the form-fitting cut) seem to have a lot of room for most normal range of movement.

Pros: Professional appearance; does not get hot; trusted by many

Cons: Elastic waistband feels too generous for the size; not cheap

Sizing: Your true waist size will give you about 2-3 inches of extra elastic room.


Last, but not Least: 24-7 Series Cotton Twill Range Pants from TruSpec ($24.99)




Simple design, 100% twill cotton, nice texture, and incredible comfort makes this my favorite pair of pants. These pants stretch very well, and no matter what I was doing, they did not tug or pull in odd places. Despite the lack of a gusseted crotch or articulating knees or even that these pants were designed for range use (and not extreme mobility), I have no doubt that this pair of pants will outperform a number of competing pairs.

Unlike the other pants, however, these are a bit awkward for normal use. The material is thick and 100% cotton, which makes this pair the heavy and unfavorable in hot conditions. The cut is also not very flattering, and the elastic waistband expands with little resistance, which makes the pants sag down a little. However, if you’re going to be wearing these strictly for function over form, you will not be disappointed.

Pros: Simple design; extreme mobility; one size down will look good for casual wear

Cons: Does not look good in rest; can get hot

Sizing: Your true waist size will give you about 2-3 inches of extra elastic room.

Do you have a favorite pair of pants that we carry? If it’s not one on this list, let us know in the comments and tell us why it’s your favorite!