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Rise and shine

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Even the most scraggly of operators must spruce up from time to time. Facing this fact is made more difficult when it must be done far from home and in some of the least friendly environments and housing arrangements around. The Hazard4 brand has made an attempt at helping you stay organized and look good doing so with their...
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Hazard4 Launch iPad Mil-Spec Sleeve

Cool Stuff

Continued progress – Hazard4

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Since our first mention of the Hazard4 brand we have since added more of their interesting and innovative products to our website. Still, a continued staple of the line is the Hazard4 Launch Pad Mil-Spec Sleeve so we’ll mention it first. While it’s a beautiful and durable case in its own right, the Hazard4 Launch Pad...
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Hazard 4 – progressive tactical

The brand name Hazard 4 is derived from the standard classification index of threats: ‘1’ being low, through ‘2 & 3’ being moderate to ‘4’ being potentially deadly. Whether these threats are posed by our customers’ environment, the weather, industrial conditions, or a human threat like an unseen ambush, Hazard 4 gear is designed to...
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