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<quick tangent> Didn’t get to mention this yesterday because the post was pre-written/pre-scheduled, but this blog hit 800 published posts yesterday. That’s a lot of typing spanning a few years, a few jobs and two different states. I doubt we have many loyal readers, but if you ever stopped by and read at least a sentence or two, thank you! </tangent>

If you have stopped by at least a few times perhaps you’ve seen a post about Fenix Flashlights. They may not be the hot dogs or the top dogs but the brand has really made a name for itself. They’re constantly innovating and bringing out new flashlights and lighting products, not content with the same old, same old.

So yeah, I used to post about their lights quite often and then told myself to slow down a bit so as not to appear to be a fanboy. I haven’t missed too much of their new goings on but I am certainly behind. I remembered talking about their first rechargeable flashlight as if it wasn’t too long ago. That was 2012.

Fenix RC15 Rechargeable The first Fenix rechargeable was the RC10 and not long after followed this beefed-up beauty, the Fenix RC15 Rechargeable Flashlight. Like I said, never content and rarely stagnant, Fenix knew they left some performance on the table.

Both lights feature a Turbo mode and are powered by a single rechargeable battery but that’s where the similarities end. The new RC15 received an updated LED in the form of the Cree XM-L (U2) LED and the Turbo mode went from a paltry 360 to 860 lumens.

Other changes/improvements include a serous heatsink which also acts as an anti-roll feature, something missing on the RC10. This addition is necessary with the upgraded LED and increased lumen output. Still, at 1.7 inches in diameter, the bezel isn’t excessive in proportion to the rest of the light and fits nicely in the included belt pouch.

Fenix RC15 ChargerOne question I saw popping up in our Q&A section was regarding the charging equipment. The cost of admission most certainly does include all the goods you need to keep your Fenix RC15 up and running. The cradle pictured is necessary for car or home charging but you simply switch between the AC wall adapter and the car charger.

All of it will arrive to you in a nice, organized plastic case which for whatever reason, Fenix chooses to leave out of their product photos. It’s likely because they use it more as a means of classy yet temporary display rather than a long-term carrying case. That’s up to you though.

As I often do I’ll divert to a video overview/review, this time from a nice Aussie. Early in the video you’ll see the packaging I’m talking about so watch and fast forward as necessary. It’s quite a thorough review.