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Almost titled this blog post “Glock Mods – TALON Grips” but then decided that wouldn’t be fair because TALON Grips offers their products for a variety of handgun brands. Having learned to shoot on the Glock platform it’s often my go to for discussion or examples.

So, although I’m going to post the product installed on Glock pistols, keep in mind you can have TALON Grips for your Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Springfield, etc etc.

Long story short, the creation of TALON Grips as inspired by sweaty hands, simple as that. A proper grip is one of the important elements of accurate shooting and clearly you don’t want to be dropping your pistol no matter what the situation.

TALON Grips - GLOCKToday’s most popular, polymer frame pistols have done what they can to add texture to the grips but when it comes down to it, you’re still holding onto a “piece of plastic” that may or may not be sufficient for every shooter.

For years, people have been adding their own grip tape to the grips of handguns whether it be skateboard grip tape swiped from their kid or some not so task specific grip tape from the old Home Depot.

Each grip wrap is custom designed and manufactured for the specific firearm it’s going to ride on with the goal of providing a nearly OEM quality of fit and finish. Added grip is nice but you don’t want a bunch of added bulk.

Shown above is the granulate texture which would be the “skateboard tape” variety and is best suited for holster carry, range duty and competition shooting. TALON Grips also offers a rubber texture which is commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to snag on skin and clothing).

If you’ve found the grip on your pistol leaving something to be desired then for less than $20 a set of TALON Grips¬†would be an affordable modification to test out without making any dramatic changes to your pistol.

We have install videos on our item pages so rather than post that here on the blog, how about a little endorsement from the Glock man of YouTube – hickok45?