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the next boot deal

I’m no Nostradamus but I’ve got a good feeling about one of our latest closeout boot deals. I believe they were on the list of our Black Friday 2013 deals and that may have set the hook. Not that we’re trying to catch anyone off guard but hopefully the word is starting to get out.

It looks like our last epic boot closeout on the Bates E29502 USMC RAT Boot is finally on the way out with only two size choices remaining. A resupply midstream and serious talk around the Interwebnets made them a huge success as they amassed a mind boggling 660+ user reviews. For such a sick price, anyone that complained deserved a fat RAT up their you know what.

Bushmaster 8 Inch Tan Boot 812MTN CLOSEOUTThis pair is off to a blazing start with 17 user/buyer reviews. I have a feeling the supply won’t match that of the RATs so the staying power is questionable. As such it probably pays to strike while the iron is hot. Savvy shoppers know that MSRP is often inflated but a boot selling for $39.99 with an MSRP of $154.95 is a pretty slick deal in anyone’s book.

This boot really goes by two names and as you can plainly see it says OTB on the tongue and there’s a subdued OTB logo on the outside of the ankle. We’re selling them as the New Balance Bushmaster 8 Inch Tan Boot 812MTN CLOSEOUT. New Balance bought OTB but it’s clearly the same boot. A quite popular one I might add.

The Bushmaster is the master combat-ready boot for tactical land wear. Combining the upper pattern of the popular Abyss model, this boot features a high-traction, non-squeak Vibram® sole and midsole unit for day-after-day comfort and durability.

And that’s all they really have to say about that. You’ll have to get the rest of the scoop from an intense Internet search or from a buddy in the know. That or you can scour our buyer reviews (mostly positive) and decide if they’re worth the cash.

One customer admits in his review to buying four pair on Black Friday. That’s a man who knows what he wants. On a personal note I have to say he’s got the right idea. Once you find a shoe or boot that is ideal for you, BUY MORE OF THEM! On more than one occasion I’ve had to go searching far and wide to replace a pair of shoes I love when I failed to buy an extra pair when I knew they were available.

OTB BushmasterThrow in a shot of the high-traction, non-squeak Vibram outsole designed to provide the best available combination of traction and cushioning. And jumping back to the coming and going shots above – I chose those in order to feature the toe and heel area which OTB/New Balance paid some obvious attention to. Both the heel and toe areas are reinforced for added protection on the roughest terrain.

If you’re hooked then head to our CLOSEOUT SECTION and take in the bullet points and buyer reviews. I’m confident you’ll be hitting the Add to Shopping Cart button in no time flat.