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On track for another slow to no blog week but I felt compelled to throw at least on post up here while I inhale my first cup of early AM coffee. It looks like they email blasted those on the list so it may be old news. If you missed it, it won’t be.

I almost called “her” the closeout fairy because there’s at least one in the bunch. The rest are labeled as OVERSTOCK so that’s what I went with. So what did she drop off? Piles o’ MAXPEDITION.


That wasn’t a mistake but the blog software is still in FUBAR status and thus images show up only as links anyway. As such I’ll just keep this a short and sweet notification/breakdown of what’s in the latest batch of tantalizing MaxP deals.

First up is the one item from this bunch labeled CLOSEOUT – The Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack. Without side by side images it’s tricky to break down all of the unique differences between the various Versipack models.

A quick description of the FatboyVersipack assumes you have some idea of their usual shape and design. The Fatboy features a bunch of handy build in pockets – left side, right side and even up towards the shoulder strap. You have the usual CCW-compatible rear hiding spot.

What’s lacking on this model is a dedicated spot for a water bottle. No biggie but something to keep in mind if you’re shopping for that feature specifically.

If hydration is your thing (and I don’t blame you) there’s a Versipack in the OVERSTOCK pile that has a Nalgene-sized pouch built in. It also happens to be the bigger guy of the bunch – the JUMBO Versipack.

The long awaited JUMBO Versipack (#0412) fulfills the multitude of requests for (1) a larger Fatboy with more bells and whistles, and (2) an effective concealed carry system utilizing the Fatboy shoulder sling concept. The JUMBO’s main compartment is over 50% larger than the Fatboy.

If you’re searching for more carrying capacity then the fairy has got you covered this time. Two staples of the Maxpedition Gearslinger line are also OVERSTOCK deals. They include the Maxpedition SITKA Gearslinger and the Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger.

Gearslingers indicate that they’re single sling packs that get slung over your shoulder. This allows you to easily rotate the bag to the front of your body providing access to your gear without stopping to remove it like you would a “normal” backpack.

Both the SITKA and Monsoon have provisions for a large water bottle as well as a hydration bladder but after that their differing designs lend each to a different use. To put it simply and drawing off a previous post on Monsoon, it’s the one you’d choose if carrying extra clothing is something you do regularly. The SITKA is more slim and trim and thus not quite as suited for such a task unless you like smashed/wrinkled garments.

As per the usual, with CLOSEOUT and OVERSTOCK items not all of the usual colors are available. If however you have been eyeballing any of this Maxpedition gear and were hesitant due to cost, now is the time to jump in.

Feel free to compare these discounted prices to our already low Maxpedition prices as you’ll realize how significant they are. Once you have it in hand you’ll quickly forget about the whole color thing anyway. Even the classic black looks super slick when put together like only Maxpedtion can.