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Think Logically

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Tool Logic Credt Card Companion with Lens/Compass

As mentioned in a previous post about multi-tools, you can’t use what you don’t have. Unless you plan ahead, chances are you’ll end up without the tools you need at the moment you need them most. It’s obvious you can’t take the rolling tool chest with you and that multi-tools can step in to fill some of the void. The Tool Logic brand offers another creative option in an even more compact platform. We’re talking really compact.

The tool pictured above is one of the Tool Logic credit card companion models. As the name implies they were designed to be slim and compact. Chances are this little guy is thinner than the stack of plastic you’re carrying around now. If you decide not keep one in your wallet they’ll happily slip in your everyday carry bag, pack, or backpack. Another good spot would be the glove box or center console of your car.

With over a dozen of these slim Tool Logic companions to choose from you’re sure to find one that best meets your needs and compliments your personal style. Most every model includes a knife. Depending on the model you choose, other features include a compass, bottle opener, LED flashlight, scissors, fire starter and more.

In addition to these compact tools Tool Logic offers a variety of multi-use folding knives as well as a number of creative keychain accessory tools.