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VertX Phantom Ops

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Thursday post, here we go.

And it’s about pants. Oh man.

I think bags and backpacks are the easiest to talk about because of the variety of designs and features built into each piece of gear. I was trying to stay away from those for a minute so you’ll notice some flashlight and knife posts instead.

Now I feel like I’m about to over do those so I had to go ahead and feature some apparel to mix things up. I chose a pair of pants because there really isn’t much anyone can say about a shirt. So let’s look at some VertX pants.

VertX Phantom Ops PantA big thanks to the ghost, pant models and their tactical stance. This time around they’re modeling the VertX Phantom Ops Tactical Pant. We’ve posted about the Phantom LT here on the blog and if you’re familiar with those then the Phantom Ops won’t take much getting used to.

The Phantom OPS lightweight pant utilizes the world-class, VertX design for greater mobility while providing features provide solutions for everyday use. Sounds intriguing but truth be told, the “big” difference is the replacement of the “stealth” thigh, cargo pocket with a larger, triple-bellow cargo pocket.

That’s not all however. VertX also sneaked in a couple “slim-line” pockets just behind the main pockets up top. VertX says it’s perfect for storing small items such as knives, flashlights or writing utensils.

Based on the size of those slim-line pockets I would certainly agree. If you carry a knife you know that it can sometimes hinder access to what you have down in your front pockets. I’m still without an EDC flashlight because I can’t stand having a light rolling around in my pocket. This addition by VertX would be the ideal solution for me.

Like the Phantom LT pant, the Phantom Ops pant has the “hidden” zippered pocket inside the right front pocket which is another way to secure items you might not need immediate access to (hidden cash). Since one was great on the Phantom LT pant, VertX added this same feature to the left pocket on the Phantom Ops pant.

Along with these added pocket features, you’ll enjoy the standard moisture-wicking and stain repellent technology care of IntelliDry, a gusseted crotch, articulated knee and stretch waistband. The Phantom Ops pant is also made of 5oz Mini Rip Stop of the 65% ¬†Polyester/35% Cotton variety.

What you end up with is high-performance mobility for a day at the range or as a modern, functional-duty police, public safety or law enforcement uniform choice. A little less subtle than the Phantom LT pant but still sleek enough that they don’t scream tactical.

And now, the master of pant reviews goes to work. He’ll compare the Phantom Ops to the Phantom LT and even models them for you. Thanks again snareman.