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We Promise this is the Last Christmas Post

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In an effort to placate all the Grinches out there, we’re going to keep this one short.


This year, we did something a little special for our local law enforcement agencies, specifically the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station and the California Highway Patrol Station in Santa Clarita. You can find the full story on our Facebook page, complete with exciting pictures of all the free stuff our vendors gave to us to give out.


But more importantly, Christmas is over, which means that your friends and family, knowing that you are a frequent shopper at LA Police Gear, STILL managed to not get you anything from us. You’re sad. You have a mile-high pile of clothes and gag gifts that were good for one picture. And at the end of Christmas, you’re stuffing the leftover Christmas cookies in your mouth to alleviate the sorrow of LA Police Gear-less stockings …




You look at the top of the site, and through your tear-induced blurry vision, you see something that makes your heart leap with joy. You wipe your eyes and see that WE’RE DOING A 14% SITEWIDE SALE. Now you can buy all the stuff you really wanted, but at a super awesome price.


See you soon. And remember to use SAVE14 for that sweet discount.