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We’re on YouTube!

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Ever find yourself browsing some of the cool gear we have in the store and wanting to see the items in action? We’re active on our Youtube page, and we upload videos of some of the items on our site. We’ve found that sometimes the pictures aren’t enough for our customers, and a few of the items require a little bit more guidance to utilize properly. Because we know that many of you out there are more visual-oriented and would rather watch a video of, say, someone explaining to you how to use the different modes on our LA Police Gear flashlights rather than reading the manual, we’re going to be releasing short videos that are either instructional or informational.

From time to time, we’ll show some comparison and contrast videos for those of you out there looking to match your coyote brown shirt with a pair of pants we carry, or for those of you trying to decide between the LA Police Gear brand and another. We want you to be satisfied customers, and part of that is getting exactly what you thought you were paying for.

And as usual, we listen to your feedback and read all of your comments. If you want to request an item to be featured in a video, please reach out to us.