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wrap it up – Camo Form

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Have I ever mentioned that I spend a lot of time online? Despite not being an expert on any one thing, in order to have the gall to write a daily blog like this I feel the need to try and immerse myself in the “culture” that surrounds tactical gear.

Tactical gear and firearms mostly. Tactical gear is such a broad category and we’ve talked about how many a product becomes tactical with the simple addition of that word to its official product name.

Anyway, point is, I try to keep up on what’s cool and hip in the industry. Luckily, despite restrictions and recessions, there are still creative people out there bringing out new products and updating old ones.

And, despite some recent questions about the future of firearm related pages on Facebook, it remains a source for me to keep up with some of my favorite companies, brands and products. Also, by default it seems, some pretty girls show up on my news feed.

McNett Camo FormOh look, here’s one now. Her name is Ethereal Rose and she does a wonderful job of modeling some seriously sweet firearms, often for the crew over at Weapon Outfitters. Those are Facebook links because it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due.

If you could take your eyes off of her for a moment and focus on the rifle she’s holding you will certainly notice that it’s been changed a bit from the usual black rifle appearance. You had to know I was going somewhere with this right?

When you need to conceal guns or camouflage gear without leaving behind a sticky residue only one gun camo will do. Camo Form® by McNett® Tactical is a self-adhering, camouflage wrap that is removable and reusable. Use it on guns, scopes, knives, treestands, flashlights —whatever you’re taking into the field.

Camo Form stretches and sticks to itself, and conforms to any shape for a custom fit. When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply. The heavy-duty fabric not only protects and conceals tactical gear, but it also adds grip, insulates hands from hot or cold surfaces and quiets clanking objects.

If you’re in love with a certain camo pattern and have the balls to have your rifle painted then good on you. For a fickle fellow like me that would be quite the commitment. This Camo Form comes in more than 10 different camo patterns to match nearly any environment you’re operating in.

It’s easy to apply, remove and will allow you to use one rifle now matter where you go. In viewing different examples of its application it’s clear it’s up to the user just how clean an install job one can achieve.

®What you see above is a quick and easy application. If you’ve got the time you can cut and conform to cover just about every inch of your weapon.

The choice is yours.