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Your Feedback Matters


A lot of your know that LA Police Gear brings you high quality gear at low prices. You’ve worn our tried and true Operator Pants in their different generations of models, and you’ve also carried our Bail Out Bags to the range since the day it came in the mail. Heck, you keep one of our Operator Flashlights in every car.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that once we release something under our own brand, we modify it over time with responsive changes. This means that after a product release, we listen to your feedback. Towards the end of the first generation cycle, we take all the stuff you liked and disliked, then use that information to produce the second generation of the same product. And the coolest part is, we have rarely changed the price on our own brand, no matter how many revisions and new features it had received.


The latest example of this is our improved LA Police Gear BDU. After multiple revisions, there are now two versions of it, one featuring our original version and the other featuring your collective inputs. The latest version has a brass tac button, YKK zipper fly, and Velcro pockets. We offer these in khaki, od green, navy, and black. They’re roomy, durable, and gentle on the wallet. Why pay over $50 for a pair of “premium” pants when you can get exactly what you want for less than half the price?

And whether you’ve fallen in love with our brand or grown to dislike something about it, please leave us a feedback. We actually read them and make adjustments!

One comment on “Your Feedback Matters

  1. AMLSV

    I bought a pair of DBU pants a year ago but returned one because there was some manufacturing fault. Return policies are good. They take care of all the issues very gravely. And, this is not my last purchase from them. My family is gonna see more LA Police Gear stuff in my closet in coming days.

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