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Your Ratings Help Us Improve

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Have you submitted a review of us at Shopper Approved, yet? Whether you’ve had a satisfying experience from us or noticed something that we could improve, we pay attention to all the feedback. With nearly 80% of satisfied customers giving us the highly coveted five stars and with only a very small percentage (0.2%, in fact) giving us just one star, you’d think we’re pretty happy with our current average rating of 4.7/5 from over 100,000 reviews. And we are.

Here’s the thing, though: we are much more interested in those one-star reviews than the five star ones. The five star reviews tell us that we’re doing our jobs, but the one-star reviews tell us how we can do it better. Some of the low ratings are from circumstances out of our control, such as slow UPS delivery times, site downtimes, random system glitches, unsatisfactory mystery bag contents, and long waits on backorders. Many of the low ratings, however, raise red flags on certain things that consistently get in the way of our customers from having an excellent experience from us. This is where we catch problems we can also fix, such as long processing time, persistent system glitches, and quality control issues.

And then from time to time, we get these:




Either we have some extremely sarcastic unsatisfied customers, or (more likely) they missed a step in the rating form. While it is entertaining for us to go through these, we would still much prefer our ratings to be as accurate as possible. So please, the next time you get that e-mail from Shopper Approved for some feedback, take a few seconds to either tell us how awesome we are, or to help us improve your future customer experience!