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Zombie Hunter Bag

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It’s been a little over two years since we’ve announced the LAPG Zombie Hunter Bag, and we’ve decided to revisit it in order to shed some light on this serious bag with a goofy name. One of us here at LA Police Gear decided to pick it out as an EDC bag:

At first, I had some trouble picking between the LAPG Zombie Hunter Bag and the LAPG Tactical Bail Out Bag. They both have great reviews, and are at an unbeatable price of $19.99. The Bail Out Bag definitely has way more features, but the number of pockets is overwhelming for a guy like me since I plan on carrying this around only to the gym, work, and on basic errands. I liked the simple layout and the molle-front of the Zombie Hunter Bag, so ultimately, that’s what I got.

So what does a non-carrying guy do with a Zombie Hunter Bag in a world that has yet to experience a zombie outbreak? Let me show you.

When I was reading the reviews, I’ve noticed that quite a few of these zipper have had their cords break off. Before I put anything inside the bag, I replaced all the zipper cords with paracord. There are only 8 zippers total, so it didn’t take me too long. After that, I replaced the original shoulder strap with one that has cushion on it. Unfortunately, LA Police Gear does not sell these extra comfy straps separately, but you should be able to attach custom slings to the bag without much hassle. The default strap is still fine for most uses.

Let’s take a look at the front.


As you can see, the molle front allows the bag to take almost any shape. On the left, you will see the LA Police Gear Operator L1 800 Lumens Flashlight, in case I ever find myself in a power outage or an emergency situation in which I need 800 Lumens of raw power bursting from the end of my hand. No, I’m just kidding; I just like flashlights. The flashlight comes with batteries AND the molle-friendly pouch, so there was really no question as to where this was going. In the middle, I keep a 5.11 Tactical VTAC Nylon Bottle Carrier, which is cool because it stores my 32oz water bottle (as intended) and it has more molle on the surface so I can attach more of these bottle carriers. Think of all the water bottles you can carry! At the far right is what turns this EDC bag into a gym bag: a non-locking load-bearing Blackhawk Carabiner. I can attach my shoes and chalk bag to it, but you can put anything your heart desires, as long as the molle wil hold. This specific carabiner’s load capacity is 26kN, so you’re probably not going to be able to break it, unlike some of the plastic ones you see around. The side pockets contain batteries for the flashlight, some gloves, and loose change.

Let’s take a look at the front pocket.


On the left is the Tru-Spec #550 Paracord that I’ve used to replace the zipper cords. I still have quite a lot left over, but I suspect this to be useful whenever I need some good reliable rope or wrapping material. In the middle, I have 2 Humvee 6-inch Lightsticks, in green. My co-worker thinks they are for a rave I’m throwing for the zombies (because it’s a Zombie Hunter Bag, after all), but I promise I got them only because I think glow sticks are cool. Next to that, I have a small Adventure Medical Kit in case I’m ever in a situation in which a lady has a minor ailment and I can become the knight in shining armor by having this handy kit. You never know.

And finally, the main pocket.


In the side pocket, I have clipped a 5.11 BTC Recurve Tanto Folder Knife, a Sharpie pen, and two ballpoint pens. In the other side pocket that’s lined with cloth (for your gun), I have a small notebook and a pack of playing cards in case I ever get stuck for extended periods of time in a dentist’s waiting room. There is still plenty of room for magazines and books and such, so I will most likely be carrying them around soon. In the mid-section, I carry a tub of cream and deodorant, because every real man needs to moisturize properly and smell nice.

And there you have it, the Zombie Hunter Bag. The goofy name sure tricks you into thinking it’s maybe just a novelty item, but it’s a nice gift to anyone who needs a good bag they can customize, especially if that person is yourself. Whether you need a bag to take to the range, to the gym, to dentist’s offices, or even to the heart of an apocalypse, the LAPG Zombie Hunter Bag will be there for you.